We take a lot of things for granted on the daily. Life in itself is one of the best example, the mere fact of just waking up in the morning. That is not a given that we ,sadly, realize when it’s too late. I have learnt a lot of things on this special needs journey, … More Courage

Unspoken Love

It is said that a mother understands what a child does not say. Even before a child learns to speak, they will communicate. They will laugh or cry, mostly the latter. They express their wants and needs effortlessly.  A mother will always understand which is which, what each cry depicts. In this special needs journey, … More Unspoken Love

Special Needs Parenting

This blog is run by parents of special needs children. It is an insight or a glimpse of what our daily lives are like. It is not for pity but more for  enlightening the general public, to create awareness and to make the world a netter place for our children.   Welcome ☺️☺️